MONDiART: Masterful Art for the Discerning Imagination For over 30 years, MONDiART has been the driving force behind the most stylish and impactful wall decorations in both the project market and the interior industry. With a proud base in the Netherlands, in the heart of Den Bosch, MONDiART creates unique collections that always bring an […]

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MONDiLAB is het LAB voor ontwerpers, kunstenaars en architecten om te ‘sparren’ en op basis van experimenten hun ideeën in textiel en andere materialen te verwezenlijken. MONDiLAB is exclusief, kennisintensief, doortastend, duurzaam en biedt onbegrensde mogelijkheden voor textiele productontwikkeling en -verkoop. VIEW BRAND PAGE

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ART AS A PRESENT ArtMuze, an art gift that has a certificate, printed as Art Giclee. To collect or to give as a present. VIEW BRAND PAGE

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Meystyle, the luxury wallpaper brand with Swarovski and LED . Capiece, rich mosaic designs for walls, floors and furniture. All custom made. Chainzz, aluminium chain curtains. custom made with any design and in any shape. As devider, light object or as design piece. Tiny Treasures, this collection is build with real treasures, little eyecatchers for

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